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NOTE:  Any information offered on the fitting of any equipment is based on experience and no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage. 
An absolutely essential piece of riding equipment is a riding hat which conforms to current safety standards and is properly fitted.  A visit to Murphys for your next hat will make certain you buy what you need.
The range covers all tastes and budgets, from a Junior Velvet hat to the latest in the Champion Evolution and the HSI.  Our stock included hats by Champion, Charles Owen, Gatehouse, PROtector, Polyhats and Uvex.  Our competetive prices start from just £29.95. 
Our experienced staff will help you find the right hat for fit, suitability and style.
It is vitally important that your hat fits, not all styles and makes of hat fit everyone.  When you are being fitted for your hat it will be checked to ensure that it is not too tight or too loose. 
A good way to check to check this is to put on the hat and adjust the chin strap, hold your hands out in front of you (to catch the hat!), tilt your head forwards then shake it from side to side.  If the hat falls or moves it is too big and you need to try a smaller size and/or style.   
Assuming the hat stays on and is not uncomfortable, push the back of the hat forwards and place your index finger in the front between the hat and the forhead.  Release the pressure from the back of the hat, there should be enough room for your index finger to fit closely inside and need a bit of effort to remove.   We strongly recommend that you have your hat fitted by a suitably experienced person.