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Grooming and Hoof Care

All horses and ponies benefit from grooming and where better to find all the equipment you need than Murphys.
We have a comprehensive range of items for grooming:  all types of brushes, shedding blades, cactus mitts, massage gloves, the list is endless.  To compliment our grooming range we also have tack trays and boxes for storage as well as complete grooming kits for children and adults.
The showing calendar is at it's busiest in the Spring and Summer.  Our stock of shampoos, coat shine and mane and tail conditioners has something for everyone with ranges from Carr, Day and Martin, Lynn Russell and Gold Label to name but a few.  We also have highlighters, hoof shine, chalk in powder and blocks as well as plaiting bands and thread to complete the picture. 
(Photo:  Corrigan at HOYS)
The old adage "no foot no horse" is certainly true.  Horses' feet should be attended to by a qualified farrier regularly and daily hoof care is a necessity for every horse and pony.  Their feet should be picked out at least once a day and any problems dealt with straight away.
We offer a range of hoof care products by major companies such as Carr Day and Martin, NAF, Net-Tex, Kevin Bacon, The Best Hoof Oil In The World and many others for use daily or to help with problems such as thrush. 
We also stock Animalintex and NAF poultices and various bandages for those unlucky enough to encounter abscesses in the hoof.
To help from the "inside out"  we have biotin supplements, Farriers Formula and others.  If you have a particular requirement just ask one of our experienced staff for help and they will do their best to assist.