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Body Protectors

NOTE:  Any information offered on the fitting of any equipment is based on experience and no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage. 
A body protector cannot totally stop injuries occurring but they can reduce the severity of
any possible injury by absorbing some of the impact.  When considering buying a body protector it is important to choose one with the correct safety level for your needs - here at Murphys we only offer Level 3  which are suitable for everyday and competetive riding.

Body protectors should be correctly fitted to be quite snug around the body and neither the actual body protector or any of the fastenings should move whilst riding.  On models with red velcro on the fastenings, none of th

e red should be visible when the body protector is worn.  They often feel very stiff when new but eventually the foam will become moulded to fit the rider and will then be much more comfortable. 

We would strongly recommend having your body protector correctly fitted at the time of purchase and if you are buying one as a gift, have the fit checked once the person has received it.  Here at Murphys our trained staff will happily do this for all body protectors purchased from us.


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